Chapter 3, Table 3, Using SPSS Statistics

A One-Way ANOVA With SPSS Statistics

The following data set consists of three groups of 10 participants who were randomly assigned to one mood-induced condition. After viewing a video that was supposed to induce a certain mood state, the participants rated their mood state on several scales. The hypothesis of interest is whether the population group mean on Global Affect Rating differed among the groups.

To answer such a question we perform a one-way ANOVA with SPSS and obtain the results in Table 3.4.

1. Click Analyze, then Compare Means, then One-Way ANOVA.


The One-Way ANOVA procedure.


2. From the pop-up menu within the One-Way ANOVA option, mood is the variable that is selected into the Dependent List, whereas cond represents the Factor.

Choose the dependent and the grouping variable.

3. Click OK to obtain the results.