Chapter 16, Table 4: Using SPSS Statistics

The hypothetical data contained in Table 16.4 is supposed to represent the data from 29 children who participated in a study to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention designed to increase inductive reasoning skills. The data consists of children who are nested within one of six classrooms, where each classroom contained students from both the control and the experimental condition. The question of interest is whether or not the children who participated in the experimental group actually improved their cognitive reasoning ability.

At the time of this writing the mixed model procedure is SPSS is not as fully developed the SAS analog PROC MIXED. For this reason no analyses using SPSS are provided to replicate the analyses given in Chapter 16, which were all done using PROC MIXED. Those interested in exploring the menus of the mixed model procedures in SPSS can do so by clicking Analyze, then Mixed Models, and then Linear.